About Us

Who we are?

A pile of person who loves pet, and always ready serves for pet.

Why we create DUDUBEAN?

Dudubean is a brand for the memory of a 12-year-old dog named Bean who was abandoned on the bus when she was only a 2-month puppy. She is very friendly to anyone who is close to her, including one of her best friends Dudu. When Bean was first adopted by her family, she was always being held in the coat, which makes her feel safe and warm.

Although she left us in 2021 because of a heart attack, every moment when she is accompanying us is still valid as fresh. We create this brand that aims to provide a cozy pet carrier to help all friends who wish to bring their pet friends a better experience to stay with their hosts together and go freely everywhere.

We select special and practical pet carrier products made of safe material so that our pet friends could enjoy the happyniess of every single moment with us.

Company mission

Bring pets a happy and cozy life

Contact US

Via Email or Social Media Accounts FB&Instagram @dudubean